First Blood (1972) – Rambo – by David Morrell & the Real Ending

First Blood by David Morrell My rating: 4 of 5 stars First Blood (1972) by David Morrell is the book that would later become the movie-sensation by the same name. […]

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I Wonder (2013) by CG FEWSTON

I wonder what it’s like to be— By CG FEWSTON I wonder what it’s like to be— To be faithless; To have no god To try and live up to; To never let divinity down, To never be less than made whole. I wonder if I were born— Born in another era or nation, What gods would I serve, And would I be the same? I consider what the world would be— A world where there was never a me, A being of words, of letters, of books and passions, An expression without a thought to voice. My mind is open to— To all the possibilities, To be less than who I am, To what I can’t believe, To not feel, to not think, to not hold dear, To be less than made whole. I could not see— See what good that would be For you or for me.  

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