Suttree (1979) by Cormac McCarthy

A True Work of Art

SuttreeSuttree by Cormac McCarthy
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Cormac‘s longest book at the time of its publication in 1979, the reader is taken along with Suttree‘s journey through drunken nights among sots and miscreants and murderers in Knoxville and along the river in turpitude and his final attempts to save his soul.

All I can say is: Read it. You won’t be disappointed.

Suttree is a brilliant work of art.

Cormac McCarthy, American Novelist (born 1933)

The Border Trilogy:

#1, All the Pretty Horses

#2, The Crossing

#3, Cities of the Plain

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CG FEWSTON was born in Texas in 1979 and now lives in Hong Kong. He’s been a Visiting Fellow at Hong Kong’s CityU, and a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome (Italy).

He’s the author of several short stories and novels. His works include A Fathers Son, The New America: A Collection, Vanity of Vanities, A Time to Love in Tehran, and forthcoming: Conquergood & the Center of the Intelligible Mystery of Being; Little Hometown, America: A Look Back; and, The Endless Endeavor of Excellence.

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