Fields of Blood (2014) by Karen Armstrong & Is Religion the Cause of All Major Wars?

Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence by Karen Armstrong My rating: 5 of 5 stars Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence (2014) by Karen […]

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Oracle Bones (2006) by Peter Hessler & the Tears of Regret for the Poet Chen Mengjia

“The historical events were unimaginable,” Hessler writes of China and its history, “as if they had come from another world, but the people’s reactions were perfectly understandable. Recovery, in all its varied forms, is simply a human instinct” (p 456).

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I Wonder (2013) by CG FEWSTON

I wonder what it’s like to be— By CG FEWSTON I wonder what it’s like to be— To be faithless; To have no god To try and live up to; To never let divinity down, To never be less than made whole. I wonder if I were born— Born in another era or nation, What gods would I serve, And would I be the same? I consider what the world would be— A world where there was never a me, A being of words, of letters, of books and passions, An expression without a thought to voice. My mind is open to— To all the possibilities, To be less than who I am, To what I can’t believe, To not feel, to not think, to not hold dear, To be less than made whole. I could not see— See what good that would be For you or for me.  

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